We offer you the possibility to discover Poreč and the surroundings, with our trains, from many different views than you can imagine

VITA LEVA was founded in 1993 in the city of Porec.

Tourist train passing interesting path on which there is a magnificent view of the medieval city, its sights and natural beauty. Our lines can be viewed here , and your tourist train waiting for you on the entered starting point followed by a trip from a different perspective that will forever remain in the memory of the holiday. The tourist trains are ideal for the elderly and children who will meet heritage of this city will be interesting and attractive. Trains run a scheduled non-stop, so that you are at your service all day from morning until late evening hours.


Why choose us

Our Mission

To give each guest the pleasure of driving in our trains and the right feeling of Poreč and its surroundings

Our Vision

The destination is not only the sea and the sun, we want our guests to provide additional amenities to make you feel special

Our Purpose

To connect all elements of tourist services and give the guests the full package